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Ten Reasons Why an Investment in Local Nonprofit Organizations is an Investment in Our Community’s Quality of Life

Our community’s nonprofit organizations are on the front lines serving our community each and every day. The work of over 1,500 nonprofit organizations in the Greater Huntsville area is a substantial factor in the quality of life we enjoy here, which is part of the reason Huntsville was recently named as the #1 best place to live in America by U.S. News and World Report.  

At the Community Foundation, we believe that an investment in our nonprofit organizations is an investment in our community’s quality of life.  Here are ten reasons why . . . 

  1. Nonprofits provide a safety net of services for our community that extend beyond what governmental agencies or private citizens can provide.
  2. Nonprofits add vibrancy and beauty to our community through arts and culture experiences.
  3. Nonprofits provide educational opportunities beyond the classroom, whether preschool, after-school programming, college, or career training.
  4. Nonprofits close gaps that affect our community’s most vulnerable citizens, like foster kids, victims of domestic and other abuse, and senior adults among others.
  5. Nonprofits support neighborhoods and communities and build places where our community’s residents can thrive.
  6. Nonprofits provide state-of-the-art medical care that our community demands, while also promoting wellness and smart lifestyle choices.
  7. Nonprofits foster economic opportunities whether for the innovative entrepreneur or for the person who wants to improve job skill in order to fully participate in our community’s thriving economy.
  8. Nonprofits steward our community’s unique natural resources.
  9. Nonprofits create recreation opportunities that fuel body, soul, and spirit.
  10. Nonprofits are nimble and resilient and can serve as the “boots on the ground” assessing and meeting needs quickly and efficiently. 

Here at the Community Foundation, we have a front row seat to witness the incredible work of our local nonprofit community and the incredible generosity of our donors who come alongside them and support their work.  Bringing together donors who care with causes that matter makes our community stronger.  This is meaningful work and work to which the Community Foundation stands ready to help.