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Suzanne Sullivan

Suzanne Sullivan was deeply influenced by her parents’ example of generosity, particularly
through their involvement in their church. Suzanne fondly remembers her parents’ unwavering
dedication to their church’s mission. They not only contributed financially but they also actively
participated in various initiatives and events. Their involvement served as a profound inspiration
for Suzanne, motivating her to carry on their legacy of generosity.

Following in her parents’ footsteps, Suzanne and her family wholeheartedly embrace the
opportunity to get involved at a local level. Through their active engagement with their church
and her career in broadcasting, they have partnered with numerous local nonprofits. Suzanne
finds immense joy in volunteering in ways that allow her to make a tangible difference. Her
involvement includes both dedicating her time and resources to support these organizations,
and she particularly is passionate about groups that assist individuals who are working to better
their situations and organizations that help provide children with safe and secure upbringings.
Living in North Alabama, Suzanne recognizes the abundance of remarkable organizations
striving to make a positive impact. One example of the remarkable work of our nonprofit
community stands out. Sullivan was part of an initiative to raise additional funds for the COVID-
19 Emergency Relief Fund for the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville.

Suzanne has worked with many nonprofit campaigns in her career, but this campaign stands
out because of the generous giving spirit of the community and the wonderful work of the
nonprofits. Suzanne shares, “Halfway through our campaign, I sent a note to the team; I told
them this was the pinnacle of my career, that I had never worked on a campaign that had the
effect this one was having.” With donors contributing in every amount imaginable from an extra
social security check, gifts in honor of healthcare workers, gifts made by children, and even one
from a family cat, it all added up to make a significant impact on our community in the face of a
pandemic. Over 550 donors provided over $840,000 to support the emergency relief efforts of
52 nonprofit organizations in the Greater Huntsville area. Suzanne and her broadcast team
were integral in the success of this campaign.

It brings Suzanne a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction to contribute time and financial
resources towards efforts like these. “Through my church and my career in broadcasting, I work
with many local nonprofits. I love the kind of volunteering that allows me to make a hands-on
difference.” By doing so, Suzanne continues to honor her parents’ legacy of generosity, making
a meaningful difference in her community.