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Racial Equity Fund: Dianne Reynolds

Hope does not stand on its own. Hope needs hands, hearts, minds, and funds. Hope needs all of that to grow legs in order to come alive.

I want to see – and not just read about – what we are doing in the community. It is easier to help when you understand the needs, because you have seen them when you may have been in that position. Because we volunteer, we get to see some of these needs firsthand.

I came home after first hearing about the Racial Equity Fund, and I said to Husband, “Let’s talk about this. This is something that I would like to support.” And after discussing it he said, “You know what? I like the idea of diversity on that committee. We can help by becoming donors and contacting others to do the same.”

So we agreed that the Racial Equity Fund was something that we wanted to support. We clearly understand what the Community Foundation does. We appreciate its commitment to the community. And since I serve on the Community Impact Committee, I see the grant applications and the results of what we have funded. And sometimes I help deliver the grant checks. It just lights me to walk in and say, “Hi, I’m Dianne Reynolds with the Community Foundation.” That statement alone is enough said. They know that whatever follows is good because that’s what we have come to know about the Community Foundation. They are here for good.

I have had such beautiful experiences looking at these grants and checks, sitting on these committees and talking about this community we all support. If you too want to help, you are in the right place. You want to do everything you can to help Huntsville remain the best place in the United States today. Your philanthropy, your giving, your service, and your support make a difference.

We are diverse. We are not afraid to look the problem in the eye and say, “Okay, we can help. We know somebody else who can help. We can make a phone call. We are eager to be a part of this solution.” Because all of us working together is bringing success. That’s what brings us together… we’re doers. We believe that common good is common ground and together we can cause change.