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Pen Your Legacy

We all desire to leave our mark on the world. At the Community Foundation, we have the unique privilege of helping donors become the author of their unique legacies.

When people think of legacy planning, often they initially think in terms of assets that they will pass along to their children and grandchildren. However, when families reflect on what is most important to them, it’s typically not about the money. It’s about values. It’s about priorities. It’s about relationships. It’s about how to pass on the things that truly matter to the next generation.

In fact, new legacy stories are being written by Community Foundation donors every single day.

  • Donors who are creating opportunities for women and children through their investment in the Women’s Philanthropy Society.
  • Donors who create new museums to celebrate our community’s achievements.
  • Donors who want to provide mental health programs for those who need these services.
  • Donors who want to map the future of our community through their strategic generosity to the Compass Society.
  • Donors who are passionate about creating safe spaces for adults living with intellectual disabilities.
  • Donors who invest in beautiful spaces to celebrate our community’s natural resources.
  • Donors who want to level the playing field through their investment in the Racial Equity Fund.
  • Donors who want to give a new generation of kids a skatepark and a place to belong.
  • Donor who are funding cutting-age genetic research that is saving lives.
  • Donors who recognize that generosity shouldn’t have just one price tag and who create give256.
  • Donors who, 15 years ago, invested in this dream called a Community Foundation and who now can see their dream become a reality.

As you can see, each of us has the power to script our legacy. Generosity allows donors to add their values and passions to the pages of our community’s story.

We all have our own stories to write.  With thought and a little planning, you can pen a legacy that will be read for generations to come.