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Paying It Forward: Dr. James Gilbert

Dr. James Gilbert, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.A.P., credits the instances of encouragement throughout his life with shaping his journey to who he has become today. He fondly recalls the teachers who believed in him, offering words of encouragement and envisioning a bright future. This belief in his future was instrumental in propelling him forward, ultimately guiding him towards a fulfilling career in medicine. Among those who left an indelible mark on his path was Mr. Love, a teacher who recognized a young Dr. Gilbert’s potential as he skillfully dissected a frog, planting the seed that would grow into a lifelong passion for healing as a Clinical Professor of Surgery.

Realizing the transformative power of encouragement, Dr. Gilbert endeavors to pay it forward. As a mentor to medical students and a dedicated pediatric surgery specialist, he strives to impart the same gift of hope and inspiration that he once received. Driven by the belief that these intangible gifts have a lasting impact, he knows that a single word or gesture of encouragement can resurface in someone’s life long after the moment has passed. He shares, “Hope and encouragement is a gift that renews itself, still strong through many years.”

This belief in a cycle of renewal extends beyond the realm of mentorship and medical care. Dr. Gilbert hopes that his family will be an encouragement to others, saying, “We hope to give as it has been given to us, trusting that as we pour into others – financial and inspirational – our family will also be renewed.”

As a dedicated servant to the Huntsville community, Dr. Gilbert and his family actively seek opportunities to contribute their time and efforts to worthwhile causes. They recognize the abundance of wonderful initiatives taking place in their city and are honored to be part of the collective endeavor to serve others. Gilbert says, “We want to be servants of the community; our hands find the work that must be done with the hope that when we are faithful in little, and steady in our effort, the blessing would be bountiful for others.”

His long partnership with the Community Foundation holds a special place in Dr. Gilbert’s heart. He recognizes the foundation’s mission to mobilize generosity is an investment in hope for the future of Greater Huntsville. This hope for a brighter tomorrow aligns with his own aspirations. By partnering with the Community Foundation, Dr. Gilbert and his family are able to amplify their impact, channeling their generosity towards initiatives that make a tangible difference in the lives of community members. For them, the Community Foundation is not just an avenue for giving; it is a gift that enables them to share their blessings with others and contribute to the betterment of the community they love.