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Now and Later Generosity: The Perfect Charitable Gift

Remember that candy you may have loved as a child, those Now and Later taffies?  My favorite flavor was green apple.  The yellow banana flavored taffy . . . not so much.  By its very name, I knew I could pop a Now and Later in my mouth and enjoy it right away, but I also knew that the joy would last for some time as I chewed away, which made it the perfect candy and, I’d say, a pretty good investment of my candy allowance.

So what does a childhood candy have to with generosity?  Turns out, quite a lot!  The Community Foundation has taken that Now and Later experience of blending both immediate and long-term enjoyment and created a family of funds that we nostalgically call our “Now and Later Funds.”  These Now and Later Funds blend both current-year grantmaking with long-term endowed impact.  For many donors, that blend makes this investment the perfect charitable gift.

At the Community Foundation, we believe that generosity is simply an investment in the future you want to see.  We know that our community is one built on dreams of what the future might look like when we come together to accomplish a goal.  Whether that goal involves putting a man on the moon or unlocking the mysteries that are bound up in DNA, our community has proven that there is no challenge too great when we work together to solve it.  The same holds too for our generosity.  Our donors are investing today for the community they want to see tomorrow.

We believe that, together, we are stronger and more effective than any individual, company, or organization can be on its own.  For every donation to a Now and Later Fund, a portion of the gift is used for current grantmaking to shape our community now and a portion is endowed to strengthen our community forever.  This gift, when combined with the gifts of others, has an exponential potential to shape current issues that affect quality of life while building the community we want to see for future generations.  Now and Later Funds provide the perfect blend of both immediate impact and long-term investment.

The Community Foundation manages a family of Now and Later Funds that amplify generosity in this unique way.

  • Our Compass Society is a strategic investment in our community’s future. It is designed for those visionary community investors who love this community and who want to fund innovative ideas that will help our community thrive in the years ahead. Fifty percent of all investments in the Compass Society are deployed in current year grants and fifty percent are endowed to support this work forever.
  • Our give256 Fund proves that generosity does not have just one price tag. Give 256 is a fund for emerging philanthropists to pool their charitable gifts and to do more together than any of them could do individually. Seventy-five percent of all investments in give256 are deployed in current year grants and twenty-five percent are endowed for future grantmaking.
  • Our Racial Equity Fund levels the playing field by closing equity gaps based on race in the areas of basic needs, economic opportunity, education, and health and wellness. We know that these issues will not be resolved in one grant cycle. Therefore, fifty percent of all investments in the Racial Equity Fund are granted in the current year and fifty percent are endowed to support this work forever.
  • Our Women’s Philanthropy Society is designed to create a legacy of love for women in our community and their families. Build around the Power of S.H.E.E., the Women’s Philanthropy Society funds grants in the areas of safety, security, and stability, health and wellness, education, and economic opportunity. Fifty percent of all investments in the Women’s Philanthropy Society are granted in the current year and fifty percent are endowed to support future generations.

We hope that you will join us on this generosity journey.  Now and Later is more than just a candy enjoyed in childhood.  Instead, Now and Later generosity is an intentional strategy to shape our community now and strengthen our community forever.