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Norm and Kathi Tew, “embrace generosity as a way of life.”

For Norm and Kathi, generosity is not just a one-time act; it’s a way of life. They firmly believe that giving back, whether through their time, talents, or treasures, is essential to creating positive change in the world. Their giving priorities have been shaped by their respective backgrounds, which laid the foundation for their lifelong commitment to helping others.

Norm’s childhood in Dothan, Alabama, was marked by financial struggles, but he fondly recalls his parents’ unwavering dedication to tithing at church every Sunday. This early exposure to generosity and the idea that anyone, regardless of their circumstances, can make a difference left a lasting impression on him. Meanwhile, Kathi was immersed in volunteering from a young age and even co-founded her first nonprofit at just 15 years old. Her experiences cemented her belief in the transformative power of serving others.

Norm’s journey continued with him becoming the first person in his family to attend college. Thanks to the kindness of his cousin, who provided him with a place to stay, he was able to pursue his dreams of becoming an engineer.

This gesture of support served as the catalyst for his future success. It reminds us that sometimes the most profound gifts are not monetary but the opportunities that enable someone to reach their potential.

Norm and Kathi share a mutual belief that the most valuable gift they can offer is quality time with family and friends. Beyond that, they consider it an honor and a privilege to give back to their church, community, and numerous nonprofits in their area. Their giving isn’t just about writing checks; they invest their time and talents in various initiatives, ensuring a deeper, more meaningful impact. Norm and Kathi shared, “We want to live each day of our lives knowing we used the blessings given us both
wisely and generously, and perhaps through our giving others may be encouraged to do the same.”  

To help achieve their vision, Norm and Kathi have partnered with the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville. The Community Foundation allows them to learn about the needs in our community through open and honest community conversations, needs often they weren’t even aware of. They are then encouraged to step up to meet those needs through collective giving and awarding of high impact grants.

One initiative that has been close to Kathi’s heart is the Women’s Philanthropy Society, which creates a legacy of love for women and children in our community through annual high impact grants and collaboration among women who share a passion for giving back. Kathi’s leadership on the Women’s Philanthropy Society’s annual fundraising event Toasting with Tallulah: A Girl’s Night Out . . . With a Purpose has resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars raised to support the annual grant making
efforts. In addition to her incredible fundraising efforts, she has invited and encouraged other women to join in this effort.

Norm and Kathi embrace generosity as a way of life. They use their gifts to contribute to our community and touch lives in ways they never thought possible. As Kathi shared, “We are truly stronger, better, and our light shines brighter together as a community.”