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Huntsville/Madison County Public Safety Chaplaincy


P.O.Box 594
Huntsville, AL  35804


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Provide biblically-based chaplain services both personal and professional to all public safety personnel and their families; build relationships of trust and credibility; provide personal and pastoral counseling help; provide professional training; communicate through relational evangelism; offer Bible study group experiences and initiate Christian disciple building.

This Nonprofit Directory contains the 501(c)(3) organizations located in Greater Huntsville and nonprofits headquartered outside Greater Huntsville that have a strong nexus in our community. Greater Huntsville includes Madison, Limestone, Morgan, Marshall, and Jackson Counties in Alabama.

Nonprofit organizations may be listed in no more than two quality of life categories that best describe their work. Please note that specific service populations such as animals, children, low/moderate-income individuals, racial or ethnic minorities, veterans, and women are not listed separately as they can receive quality of life services across many categories.

Note: This Nonprofit Directory is provided for information only and does not constitute an endorsement by the Community Foundation of the organizations contained herein.

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