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Nancy Washington Vaughn

Nancy Washington Vaughn and her family firmly believe in the power of generosity to create
positive change. Their current giving priority is to donate annually to the Racial Equity Fund. By
doing so, they hope to support initiatives that address the systemic inequities based on race in
areas such as education, economic opportunities, and healthcare. Through their giving, they
aim to ensure that all members of the Huntsville community have equal access to these
essential elements of a fulfilling life.

Nancy shares, “We know that systemic and structural racism continue to be barriers for many
Black Americans to receive equitable opportunities for higher education, economic
advancement, and quality healthcare. As such, we annually donate to the Racial Equity Fund to
support local nonprofit organizations’ programs that are intended to address racial equity gaps.”
Through their support of the Racial Equity Fund, Nancy and her husband actively contribute to
breaking down these barriers and promoting a more inclusive society. The Racial Equity Fund
addresses racial equity gaps comprehensively. They recognize that access to quality education,
economic opportunities, and healthcare are critical components of a thriving community. By
supporting local nonprofit organizations addressing these needs through the Racial Equity
Fund, Nancy and her family can aid programs that directly tackle these issues and work towards
closing racial equity gaps in the Huntsville community.

Nancy recognizes that philanthropy goes beyond monetary donations and is committed to
creating a meaningful impact in her community through both philanthropy and volunteerism. She actively engages in volunteer service, working alongside nonprofit organizations to ensure the success of their programs. By combining financial support and hands-on involvement, Nancy
strives to amplify the positive effects of her giving and make a tangible difference in the
Huntsville community.

Based on the belief that common good is common ground, Nancy’s dedication through financial
support and volunteerism, serves as an inspiration for others to join in the efforts to achieve
racial equity and foster a more inclusive future.