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Mary Grace Evans

Driven by a genuine empathy for women and their struggles, Mary Grace Evans has chosen to donate to the Women’s Philanthropy Society, a giving initiative that aligns with her personal values and supports transformative programs for women and children. Mary Grace knows that empowering women, keeping them safe, and helping them to reach their full potential, ultimately builds stronger families and communities. Addressing needs of the families often removes obstacles that challenge women and the entire family dynamic.

This compassion for local women and their challenges led her to choose the Women’s Philanthropy Society (WPS) as a beneficiary of her generosity. She believes that supporting women has a ripple effect that positively impacts entire families and future generations. The grants funded by the WPS have proven transformative, creating lasting changes in the lives of those they touch. By pooling resources through collective giving, Mary Grace’s donation can have a greater impact and reach farther, amplifying the potential for change.

Mary Grace’s motivation lies not in personal recognition but in setting an example of strategic
generosity and inspiring others to join the cause. She believes in being a doer not just someone who talks about what is wrong and what needs to be done. Mary Grace shared, “I know that alone I cannot change all of the wrongs and struggles in the world, but working with others I can make a difference. It heartens me to see people happy, healthy and have the resources they need to reach their full potential.”

Mary Grace Evans exemplifies the transformative power of generosity. Through her work with the
Women’s Philanthropy Society, she is actively addressing the needs of women and their families and working towards building stronger communities. Mary Grace’s thoughtfully driven philanthropy embodies the true spirit of generosity, bringing hope and positive change to those in need.