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Legacy Spotlight: Sharon Doviet and Chris Russell

Your will has more power than you can imagine, and utilizing it for charitable giving is often easier than you may think. Sharon Doviet and Chris Russell share their motivation for creating a lasting impact on their community:

We give actively now, so it only makes sense that we would take a few simple steps to do that with our estate. It was just so easy to make a brief addition to our will… and we directed our charitable gifts to be managed through the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville.  Now we know our wishes will be carried out.

Our kids are doing well in their adult lives – and we certainly want to help them with their families.  At the same time, we all share a hope to be involved and give back to the community we all love so much.   That’s why we are designating a significant part of our estate to charity – and our kids are encouraging and supportive of that.  It’s been an incredibly meaningful conversation to have with them.   We are also leaving a percentage of the funds at the Community Foundation that our kids will be able to direct each year to charities they support.  It can be part of our family legacy.

I’m so thankful to have the Community Foundation as a resource for our estate planned giving because it lets us do that in the way that’s best for our family.”