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Kaitlynn Roark

Inspired by the belief that together we can do more, Kaitlynn Roark and her sister Amy launched
Huntsville’s first giving circle in 2017. Amy had learned about giving circles during her
Leadership Greater Huntsville closing retreat in Louisville, and together the sisters, rooted in a
strong family tradition of generosity, launched give256 with the hope of making a transformative
difference in the community.

Intrigued by the idea that even a small monthly contribution could make a substantial impact,
Kaitlynn and Amy felt compelled to bring this model to Huntsville. In partnership with the
Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville, they formed give256 in hopes of making
philanthropy accessible to all community members. The sisters recognized that collective giving
has the power to amplify individual contributions, enabling them to achieve greater outcomes
and address community needs more effectively.

By pooling their resources and knowledge, give256 members become catalysts for change,
combining their passion, expertise, and financial contributions to support local causes. The
giving circle creates a platform for collaboration, enabling members to learn about diverse
community needs and make informed decisions about where their funds can have the most
significant impact. Through give256, Kaitlynn and Amy hope to foster a culture of giving and
engagement which will inspire individuals, families, and businesses to invest in their
community’s future.

For Kaitlynn, making the greater Huntsville/Madison County area a better place for its residents
is a top priority. She is deeply passionate about contributing her time and resources to uplift the
local community. By engaging with various nonprofit organizations, Kaitlynn seeks to
understand their missions and identify avenues where she can directly help or connect them
with others who can provide assistance. Her approach to giving reflects a pledge to supporting
local initiatives and fostering meaningful change where it matters most.

Kaitlynn Roark’s commitment to making her community a better place has led her on a
remarkable journey in generosity. By establishing give256, she and Amy have harnessed the
power of collective giving and transformed it into a force for positive change in Huntsville.
Through their efforts, give256 aims to empower individuals to become philanthropists and
demonstrates that generosity has the power to change lives, communities, and the future.