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Jay and Hilde Dryden

Generosity is a catalyst for transforming communities and leaving behind a meaningful legacy. Jay and Hilde Dryden exemplify the power of generosity in creating a lasting legacy. The Dryden family understands that a true legacy encompasses more than just leaving money to their family. It involves leading by example, transferring values to those around them, and making a commitment to their community through organizations that hold deep significance for their family. Their dedication to implementing a family generosity plan showcases the belief that a legacy is about making a positive impact that extends far beyond their own lifetime.

Their influence extends beyond their own family, as Jay also guides others in creating their legacies. As a financial advisor, he assists his clients in developing generosity plans that align with their philanthropic goals. In his role as a managing partner at Vector Wealth Strategies, he fosters a culture of generosity within the organization, inspiring others to embrace the transformative power of giving.

Vector Wealth Strategies has been at the forefront of corporate generosity, establishing the first corporate giving fund with the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville in 2015. Through the Vector Wealth Strategies Community Impact Fund, they allocate 10% of their annual profits to support education, health and human services, and disaster recovery programs. In addition, Vector actively supports the NAVIGATE Nonprofit Network Conference, investing in the capacity of the local nonprofit community. Jay affirms, “Vector believes in helping people and encouraging others to do the same. We believe that one of the best ways to serve our community is by supporting local nonprofits that benefit the Greater Huntsville area. By doing this, we can invest specifically in the lives of the people we encounter every day.”

Through the combined efforts of individuals like Jay and Hilde and organizations like Vector Wealth Strategies, a culture of generosity is fostered, creating a ripple effect that extends far into the future. By demonstrating generosity now, we have the power to shape a legacy for future generations.