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Holly McCarty

As I was growing up I witnessed members of my family giving their time and talents to causes that resonated with them. While I appreciated their efforts, the issues that were important to them did not speak to my heart in the same way. During my first job at the District Attorney’s office in Birmingham, I had the opportunity to begin interacting with child victims. The difficulties faced by these children really resonated with me. After I had my own children, I continued to be involved with children’s issues through PTA, Huntsville-Madison County Public Library, and ultimately the Women’s Philanthropy Society (WPS). For me the issues surrounding supporting children including education, safety, and food security are all intertwined and continue to hold a place in my heart.

I have chosen to donate to the WPS because their mission to leave a legacy of love for women and children in our community really resonates with me. I have loved everything about being part of the WPS. I have felt so supported by all the women in the organization and it has been a joy to see how much women with a common purpose can accomplish. I believe every grant that the WPS has issued has improved our community, and I have been so lucky to be a part of that mission.

I want to be in a position to be part of a group making positive changes. I would love for our community to support every child that needs a helping hand. I want to be a part of ensuring that every child has a good, quality education and a safe place to live. I truly believe that a child with a good foundation and community that cares for them will have unlimited opportunities which is good for us all!