Women’s Philanthropy Society

Grant Description

Each year the Women’s Philanthropy Society awards up to two high-dollar grants to create systemic change around a key focus area facing women and their families in our community. The mission-focused Power of S.H.E.E. framework guides our efforts to create a positive and measurable impact through grants selected from four core areas.

Core four: the power of S.H.E.E.

  • Safety and security – Domestic violence, homelessness, child abuse, human trafficking, and food insecurity
  • Health and wellness – Mental health, physical health, substance abuse, infant mortality, and pregnancy
  • Education – Early childhood education, K-12, GED, higher education, and adult literacy
  • Economic empowerment – Financial counseling, entrepreneurship, housing counseling, job/workforce training, childcare, and transportation

Community Conversations

WPS meets annually in Community Conversations to learn and discuss the key focus of each grantmaking year. Click below to discover the topics covered to best inform your grant applications.

2023 Grant Recipients

In 2023, two nonprofits were selected to receive Women’s Philanthropy Society grants of $50,000 each to support the economic empowerment of local women.

Huntsville Housing Authority - $50,000

HHA Childcare Project

The Huntsville Housing Authority (HHA) is creating an initiative to increase the number of childcare providers and certified childcare professionals in the City of Huntsville. This project will focus on providing opportunities for HHA participants and residents to receive training and certifications in childcare. With these educational opportunities, residents under the HHA umbrella will have the opportunity to become certified childcare professionals that will support existing providers or have the opportunity to create their own businesses to increase the number of providers in the area.

Heart of the Valley YMCA - $50,000

Pathways to Solutions Project

The YMCA seeks to create a program, Pathways to Empowerment, that offers Child Development Associate Certification Credential (CDA) training to women in the community.  By providing this training, the YMCA offers crucially needed quality, credentialed, day care workers to the community which in turn assists in relieving the current day care crisis.  The YMCA will offer 10-12 hours of paid, on-the-job training throughout the process, mentorship to assist with adherence to the program timeline, and free childcare for both training and on-the-job work hours.