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Women’s Philanthropy Society Now & Later Fund

Legacy of Love

With a mission to leave a legacy of love – an enduring gift for generations to come – across a broad spectrum of issues impacting our community’s quality of life, the Women’s Philanthropy Society invests annually through a high-impact grant to address a systemic issue affecting local women and families.

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Safety and security

Domestic violence, homelessness, child abuse, human trafficking, and food insecurity
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Health and wellness

Mental health, physical health, substance abuse, infant mortality, and pregnancy
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Early childhood education, K-12, GED, higher education, and adult literacy
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Economic empowerment

Financial counseling, entrepreneurship, housing counseling, job/workforce training, childcare, and transportation

The mission-focused Power of S.H.E.E. framework guides efforts to create a positive and measurable impact through grants selected from four core areas. The Women’s Philanthropy Society is one of the collective impact funds in the “Now & Later” family of funds – an innovation of the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville that allows donors to give today with a focus on tomorrow.

Give Now

Fifty percent of all Women’s Philanthropy Society donations support current-year grantmaking to make an immediate impact on this community.
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Give Later

The remaining fifty percent of all donations to the Women’s Philanthropy Society are added to the Women’s Endowment to serve as a permanent source of funding to address community needs.

“I joined WPS because I saw the difference that our women are making in the community. Women have always been known for uplifting and helping each other. Through our generous philanthropic giving, WPS is able to empower women at various stages in their lives to be successful and ready for the next endeavor.”

– Kristina Hendrix

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Women’s Philanthropy Society Members

Helen Keller | $25,000 - $99,000

  • Alpha Foundation
  • Anonymous Donor
  • Phylis Baron
  • Leta DeMaioribus in Memory of Jenny Hornbuckle
  • Holly McCarty
  • Jan Smith
  • Vector Wealth Strategies

Rosa Parks | $10,000 - $24,999

  • The Agape Fund
  • Cadence Community Reinvestment Fund
  • Paula Cushman
  • Sally Downing in Memory of Kate Downing
  • H204Christ Foundation Fund
  • Melea Horton
  • Jana Moody
  • Redstone Federal Credit Union
  • Jennie Robinson
  • Susan Still
  • Kathi Tew

Coretta Scott King | $5,000 - $9,999

  • Penny Billings
  • Milan and Caroline Buncick in Memory of Nancy Kelly and Margaret Buncick
  • Mary Grace Evans
  • First Horizon Bank
  • Peggy Hailey
  • Keel Point LLC in Honor of Cheryl Bachelder
  • Lori King-Taylor
  • Vicki Kretzschmar
  • Cindi Ludwig
  • Koriene Paull
  • Jessica Hovis Smith
  • Lynn Troy
  • Women4Women OBGYN

Tallulah Bankhead | $1,000 - $4,999

  • 4M Research
  • Sandra Ables
  • Linda and Joe Agee
  • Bank Independent
  • Linda Casselman Akenhead
  • Courtney Penney Allen
  • Cynthia Almodóvar
  • Jill Anderson
  • AR Business Consulting, LLC
  • Anjana Arora
  • Beth Babin
  • Bancorp South
  • Tracy Barrett
  • Hannah Boon
  • Bobby Bradley
  • Joyce Brewster
  • Jeanne Brown
  • Lisa Bruce
  • Lynn Carden
  • Rodelle Carpenter
  • Janet Cashion
  • Ashley Clark
  • Dennis and Jodie Clements
  • Tanya Cook
  • Mary J. Conner
  • Crestwood Medical Center
  • Kitty Davenport
  • Davidson Technologies, Inc.
  • Deloitte
  • Tina DeMaioribus
  • Dental Professionals on Whitesburg
  • Muriel Desimone MD
  • Kim Doering
  • Sharon Doviet and Chris Russell
  • Lynn Dowling
  • Saralyn Dwyer
  • Dyslexia Therapy of North Alabama
  • Kay Eastin
  • Garet and Alison Fields in Honor of Lynn and John Troy
  • FJW Foundation
  • Christie Finley
  • First Bank
  • Fran Fluhler
  • Jeannie Furin
  • Patti Gipson
  • Elizabeth Goldman
  • Jennifer Gray
  • Amy Harbarger
  • Meredith Hardwick
  • Ginger Harper
  • Debbie Harriman
  • Kristina Hendrix
  • Tanya Hallford Hendrix
  • Hinson & Hinson
  • Pam Hudson
  • I3 Cares Foundation
  • Inline Lighting & Electric Supply
  • Chris B. Jackson
  • Kim Johnson
  • JS Building Company, Inc.
  • Keel Point – Kyle Findlay
  • Jamie King
  • Annie Lee
  • Terry Lewis
  • Linscomb & Williams
  • LSINC Corporation
  • Paula Mahalik, Realtor Exp Realty
  • Jennifer McDougal
  • Beth McGee
  • Lynda Middleton
  • Kim Mims
  • Kelly Moise
  • Beth DeMaioribus Monroe
  • Jennifer Moore
  • Jeannie Munger
  • Leila Nabors
  • Marie Newberry
  • Marcia Obermann
  • Oral Arts Dental
  • Susan Ozment Keller Williams Realty
  • Donna Palumbo
  • Jeanne Payne
  • PeopleTec, Inc.
  • Joann M. Perez, P.C.
  • PZI International Consulting
  • Maria DeMaioribus Ramage
  • Anne Marie Reidy
  • Re/Max Alliance Karen Harrison Sales Team
  • Renasant Bank
  • Dianne Reynolds
  • Jan Reynolds
  • Elyse Ridenour
  • Lindsay S. Rice
  • Lana and Joe Ritch
  • Amy Roark
  • Brenda Roark
  • Kaitlynn Roark
  • Kristina Robertson
  • Tammy Robertson/Dottie Sue’s Boutique
  • Ryan Family Foundation Fund
  • Sabrina Sahib
  • Layne Salvador
  • Annie Saylor
  • Marie Schneider
  • Catherine Scholl
  • SimTech
  • Sangeeta Singhal
  • Amy Slamp
  • Sleep In Heavenly Peace Al-Huntsville Chapter
  • Gena Spearing
  • Dawn C. Stanley
  • Deirdre Stanley
  • Karen Stanley
  • Opal Sturgis
  • Sherry Stutts
  • Christina Tabereaux
  • Deborah Taylor
  • Carol Tevepaugh
  • Melissa Thompson
  • Triple E Fund
  • Trustmark
  • Irma Tuder
  • Twickenham Advisors
  • Robbie and Craig Van Schilfgaarde in Honor of Hilde and Jay Dryden
  • Ginny Wagner
  • Katie Waite
  • Anne Waldrop
  • Paulina Waples
  • Weichert, Realtors – The Space Place
  • Beverly Weiner
  • Karen Whitcomb
  • Phil and Lisa Williams Foundation
  • Laura DeMaioribus Wilson
  • Marcie H. Wingo
  • Sonya Wintzell
  • Lisa Wiseman
  • Faye Wishik
  • Jennifer Wu
  • T.C. Zimmerman

Members in Memoriam

Their lasting legacy of love will not be forgotten.

  • Eula Battle
  • Sheryl Bendickson
  • Judy Link

Ready to create a legacy of love?

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Although all gifts are appreciated, donors who contribute at least $1,000 are invited to become members of the Women’s Philanthropy Society. Donors of all Women’s Philanthropy Society giving levels will be recognized on the WPS webpage.

The Community Foundation can accept not only cash and credit cards, but also non-cash gifts such as stocks and bonds. Assets such as real estate and other personal property may also be accepted, but are subject to Board approval.

Fifty percent of your gift will be deployed in current year grantmaking. Fifty percent of your gift will be added to the Women’s Endowment. Each year, earnings from this fund are used to make grants addressing community needs. The principal of the fund will remain intact. In this way, your gift – and all future earnings from your gift and the gifts of others – will be a permanent source of community capital, helping to do good work forever.

You receive the full tax benefits associated with your gift in the year your gift is made.

Annually, the Women’s Philanthropy Society Grants Committee will make grants decisions for the fund.

An endowment provides a stable source of income to address community needs forever, and contributions to the Women’s Philanthropy Society provide a lasting legacy of the donors who support it. The impact of these investments will continue to benefit the community long after the donations have been made. Additionally, our community is growing and changing each year, and the needs of tomorrow may be different from our needs today. WPS will be here to meet the needs of the community both now and forever.

An honorary or memorial donation to the Women’s Philanthropy Society is a perfect way to honor those who loved supporting women and children in need.

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