Legacy Strategies

It’s time to turn your philanthropic dreams into a reality. We are pleased to offer a variety of planned giving services to help you maximize resources and pen the legacy you wish to leave in the world. We partner with donors and professional advisors to meet your charitable giving goals.

We help you be generous, however that looks to you. Below are a few of the giving strategies that many donors find convenient when crafting their legacies.

For many donors, gifting unused retirement assets to the Community Foundation is a simple strategy with many benefits. By naming the Community Foundation as a beneficiary or partial beneficiary of a retirement account, life insurance policy, or other financial accounts, donors can leave other less-taxed assets to family and loved ones. This strategy ensures heirs receive tax-advantaged assets, potentially saving on estate taxes. To leave retirement assets to the foundation, donors may simply complete a beneficiary designation form from their financial services provider custodian.

A charitable bequest included in a will or estate plan is an easy way to support the Community Foundation in perpetuity. Many people want to give to charity but are unable to donate assets and property during their lifetime. Through a planned gift, they can retain ownership of their assets during their life while also benefiting our nonprofit organization by leaving a charitable gift at their passing. Donors may gift a specific dollar amount or asset, a percentage of their estate, a gift from the balance or residue of their estate, or a beneficiary designation of certain assets. This also may lessen the burden of income taxes on heirs while activating estate tax savings.

Establishing a Designated Fund is a wonderful way to give back to one or more specific organizations that have touched your life. You can establish a legacy of support for the Community Foundation as well as the good work of another favorite nonprofit or nonprofits in perpetuity.

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For individuals, families, and companies looking to make a long-term impact in an area they are passionate about, endowed gifts ensure you will make an impact in the region for generations to come. Endowed funds deploy grants from a portion of annual investment earnings, so your principal gift lasts forever allowing donors to support causes they care about long after they are gone.

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For donors 70½ or older who wish to support our mission, they may consider completing a IRA charitable rollover to the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville. This tax-efficient strategy lowers income and taxes from IRA withdrawals to avoid taxes on up to $100,000 transfers while satisfying the required minimum distribution (RMD) and making a deductible gift beyond limits. To execute an IRA charitable rollover, contact your IRA plan administrator to facilitate a transfer to our organization.

Plan today to give forever. We offer flexible and strategic giving methods tailored to your own charitable interests and financial goals. Your generosity can continue to improve the Greater Huntsville region for generations to come.