Now & Later Generosity

The Greater Huntsville community consistently shows us what the world might look like when we come together to accomplish a goal. At our core, we are a community of problem-solvers and dreamers.

Our spirit of innovation is modeled to the world through world-class business incubators, acclaimed research institutions, work in the fields of space exploration, genomic research, robotics, cyber defense, ag-tech, biotechnology, auto-manufacturing, and so much more as North Alabama has spearheaded some of the world’s most innovative projects.

It is with this spirit of innovation that the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville dreamed of Now & Later Generosity. These families of funds are exclusive to our donors and simplify strategic generosity for a powerful impact that spans both our community and future generations.

Now & Later Funds

The Community Foundation created a Now and Later experience of blending both immediate and long-term enjoyment and created a family of funds that blend both current-year grantmaking with long-term endowed impact. For many donors, that blend makes this investment the perfect charitable gift.

One-half of all donations support current year grantmaking and one-half fuel an endowment that is an investment in our community’s future. These funds leverage the power of connection as donors join together in generosity to fund strategic initiatives in areas they care about passionately. Our community has proven that there is no challenge too great when we work together to solve it. The same holds true for our generosity. Our donors are investing today for the community they want to see tomorrow.

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Journeys in giving can start anywhere. We love to partner with donors to guide you on the path to philanthropy that fulfills your dreams for the future. Now and later generosity is an innovative and simple way for donors to practice strategic generosity.