Make Your Mark

For individuals, families, and companies looking to make a long-term impact in an area they are passionate about, endowed gifts ensure you will make an impact in the region for generations to come. Non-endowment funds are impermanent, so you can immediately grant the entire fund balance. Endowed funds deploy grants from a portion of annual investment earnings, so your principal gift lasts forever allowing donors to support causes they care about in perpetuity.

Donations to endowment funds are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. Donors often set up endowment funds so they can receive charitable tax benefits immediately upon making their donation while maintaining the social-good grantmaking power for the long term. Institutions and individuals can donate both cash and non-cash assets – such as stock, mutual funds, or real estate – to fund the endowment.

endowment graphic

Invest in Your Dreams for the Future

The Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville hosts a wide variety of funds established to allow donors—individuals, families, corporations, and organizations—to support a broad range of interests. These funds primarily stretch across the following eight areas of our community’s quality of life: arts and culture, basic needs, economic opportunity, education, environment, health and wellness, neighborhoods and communities, and recreation.

When we invest in these eight areas, we can strategically shape the path of our community today and position us for a stronger tomorrow. Your interests, giving priorities, and vision for our community shape the direction of your gift. Begin by determining one or more areas of need that you care about passionately, and the Community Foundation can help guide you to the opportunities that meet your philanthropic goals.

Leveraging the Power of Connection

Join like-minded philanthropists who believe in the power of collective giving to generate positive change in our community. Collective impact opportunities offer a path to connect with immediate projects and initiatives that strategically shape the path of our community today and position us for a stronger tomorrow.