Compass Society Now & Later Fund

Map the Future

As North Alabama’s regional community foundation, it’s our job to understand the pulse of our local communities better than anyone, enabling donors and nonprofit partners to tackle our most critical needs and build a thriving community that can adapt and persist through changing circumstances.

The Compass Society implements collaborative, high-impact projects that have a significant and sustainable impact across the eight areas of our community’s quality of life. It is one of the collective impact funds in the “Now & Later” family of funds – an innovation of the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville that allows donors to give today with a focus on tomorrow.

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Give Now

Fifty percent of all Compass Society donations support current year grantmaking to make an immediate impact on this community.
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Give Later

The remaining fifty percent of all donations to the Compass Society are added to the Compass Endowment to serve as a permanent source of funding to address community needs.

This innovative approach leverages the power of connection by co-investing funds to support future-shaping solutions that position Greater Huntsville for a brighter tomorrow.

“The Community Foundation engages strategic generosity to improve the quality of life across our community. The Compass Society is one of these unique strategies, attracting donors that wish to invest in innovative solutions to become a catalyst of positive change in our area. I am privileged to serve in the Compass Society as we apply our community’s spirit of innovation to generosity and map the future in new and exciting ways.”

– G.W. Boon III

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Compass Society 2023 Impact Report

Compass Society Members

$100,000 - $1,000,000

  • Anonymous
  • CFD Research
  • Mike and Patty Lowe
  • Jan Smith
  • Torch Technologies

$50,000 - $99,999

  • Cadence Community Reinvestment Fund
  • George and Peg Heeschen
  • Betty G. (Jean) Lee

$25,000 - $49,999

  • Cindi and Bob Ludwig
  • Larry and Amanda Lowe
  • Visually Handicapped Teacher Fund

$10,000 - $24,999

  • Butterfly Frog Fund
  • Mike and Theresa Durboraw
  • Beth and Bill Fleming
  • Investor’s Resource
  • Randy and Jan Reynolds Family Fund
  • Sangeeta and Ashok Singhal
  • Sonrisa Fund
  • Triple E Fund

$5,000 - $9,999

  • Joe and Pam Alexander
  • Anonymous
  • Jay and Valerie Chandler
  • Dennis and Josephine Clements
  • Chad and Natalie Donald Foundation
  • Leah and Paul Gradl
  • Lucinda K. and Gary Griner, Jr. Family Fund
  • Tim and Sharon Holcombe
  • Little Drummer Girl Fund
  • Michael and Jana Moody
  • Sandra and John Moon Memorial Fund
  • Chris Russell and Sharon Doviet
  • Sameer and Ruchi Singhal
  • Tenth Leper Fund

$1,000 - $4,999

  • Thomas and Elizabeth Abel
  • Aerojet Rocketdyne Foundation
  • Alabama A&M University
  • Peter and Erika Alvarez
  • Anonymous
  • Carol and Leon Bell
  • Matt and Deanna Bender
  • Blue Summit Supplies
  • John and Candy Burnett
  • Paul and Audrey Byrge
  • Polly Ann Cayson
  • Steve Cayson
  • BG(Ret) and Mrs. Phil Coker
  • Russ Curtis and Erin Bloxham Curtis
  • Michael and Leta Hornbuckle DeMaioribus
  • Gary Donald
  • Freedom Real Estate & Capital, LLC
  • Jason and Kelly Gallaspy
  • James and Violet Gilbert
  • John and Patti Gipson
  • Helen and Vincent Harrand
  • Rob and Laurie Heard
  • Marc and Vicki Highsmith
  • Hinson & Hinson – In Honor of Jean Lee
  • Greg and Kathy Hopper
  • Cindy and Tim Howard
  • Jeanette Jones
  • Wes and Sundown Kelley
  • Laura Lester and Dennis Madsen
  • Linscomb & Williams – Chris Russell/Sheri Robinson
  • Todd and Zara Lowry
  • Brian and Valarie Magerkurth
  • Lauren and Doug Martinson
  • The Moore Family
  • Rick Myers and Wendy Yang
  • Marie C. Newberry
  • Carmelita Palmer and Rick Brown
  • Lisa and Kapil Pant
  • Jonathan and Angela Pettus
  • Beth B. Richardson
  • Kem and Nancy Robertson
  • Sheri Robinson
  • Sarah Savage-Jones
  • Brian Seay
  • Jeff and Cecilia Showalter
  • Smalligan Giving Fund
  • Rick and Sherry Smith
  • Karen Stanley
  • Paula Steigerwald
  • Melissa and Tom Thompson
  • Sam Thompson
  • United Community Bank
  • Vaughn Defense Services
  • Hunter and Nancy Washington Vaughn
  • Vector Wealth Strategies, LLC
  • Angela Walker
  • Bree and Rick Wilbourn
  • Womack & Associates, LLC

Ready to map the future?


Although all gifts are appreciated, donors who contribute at least $1,000 are invited to become members of the Compass Society. Donors of all Compass Society giving levels will be recognized on the Compass Society webpage.

The Community Foundation can accept not only cash and credit cards, but also non-cash gifts such as stocks and bonds. Assets such as real estate and other personal property may also be accepted, but are subject to Board approval.

Fifty percent of your gift will be deployed in current year grantmaking. Fifty percent of your gift will be added to the Compass Endowment. Each year, earnings from this fund are used to make grants addressing community needs. The principal of the fund will remain intact. In this way, your gift – and all future earnings from your gift and the gifts of others – will be a permanent source of community capital, helping to do good work forever.

You receive the full tax benefits associated with your gift in the year your gift is made.

Annually, the Compass Society Grants Committee will make grants decisions for the fund.

An endowment provides a stable source of income to address community needs forever, and contributions to the Compass Society provide a lasting legacy of the donors who support it. The impact of these investments will continue to benefit the community long after the donations have been made. Additionally, our community is growing and changing each year, and the needs of tomorrow may be different from our needs today. Compass Society will be here to meet the needs of the community both now and forever.

An honorary or memorial donation to the Compass Society is a perfect way to honor those who loved this community and called it “home.”