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G.W. Boon III

G.W. Boon III has always had a strong desire to make a positive impact in his community. As
the Board Secretary and Chair of the Community Impact Committee at the Community
Foundation of Greater Huntsville, G.W. plays a pivotal role in shaping the foundation’s initiatives
and programs to address the community’s most pressing needs.

Motivated by his desire to make a lasting difference, G.W. decided to support the Community
Foundation’s Compass Society. This society attracts donors who share his vision of investing in
innovative solutions to address community challenges and create positive change. By joining
the Compass Society, G.W. not only amplifies his impact but also becomes part of a network of
like-minded individuals dedicated to mapping a better future for the Huntsville community. He
shares, “The Community Foundation engages strategic generosity to improve the quality of life
across our community. The Compass Society attracts donors who want to invest in innovative
solutions to bring positive change in our area. I am proud to support the Compass Society to
help map the future in new and exciting ways.”

G.W. believes that strategic generosity is the key to transforming lives and building a stronger,
more vibrant community. He shares, “I just want to be involved in as much good as possible.
And honestly, that is why I connected with the Community Foundation and continue to make this partnership a priority.” Through his involvement with the Community Foundation of Greater
Huntsville and his support of the Compass Society, he is actively working towards creating a
lasting legacy of positive change. G.W.’s commitment to improving the quality of life for others
serves as an inspiration to those around him.