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Five Reasons Why Corporate Giving Is a Smart Investment


Our community is full of people and companies who enjoy giving back to the community we love. In the same way that we work with donors to accomplish their charitable giving objectives, we also work with companies to further their philanthropic goals. This collective effort is how we can improve our community’s quality of life. Because together we can accomplish more than any company, organization, or person can alone.

Cheri Wilson Draft

That’s why I’m also excited to introduce Cheri Wilson, CFRE®, who has joined our Community Foundation team as our new Development Officer.  Cheri brings a wealth of experience to this role, and she can be a great resource to help your company think through your corporate giving strategy.

There are many ways that your corporation can engage in strategic philanthropy through the Community Foundation. From investing in collective impact projects to creating a corporate giving fund and everything in between, we work to make it easy for your company to be generous and feel connected to the community we all call “home.”

Here are five reasons why corporate giving is a smart investment for your company to make.

  1. Competitive Advantage. In this highly-competitive job market, your company’s commitment to the community can help set you apart from the pack. Employees want to work for companies that not only produce a great product but also that help create a great community through both charitable giving and through opportunities for volunteer service.  By giving back to the community, you are communicating to prospective employees that you are committed to your community, where they will live and raise their families.
  2. Deeper Impact. Employees who combine resources of time and talent through your corporate giving program can make a deeper impact than any of them could make on their own. Plus, by joining forces, your employees are building a stronger bond with each other, with your company, and with the community . . . and who couldn’t use a little more teamwork!
  3. Brand Awareness. As your company and your employees invest back into our community, your company’s brand will benefit. You will be seen as a good community citizen that is committed to giving back.
  4. Nonprofit Exposure. Whether through grants to support local nonprofit organizations or through a coordinated volunteer event, your employees will learn more about nonprofit organizations who are on the front lines improving the quality of life in our community. Other companies find that when a grant is made or when a volunteer day is coordinated to benefit a local nonprofit, often the employees will engage more with the organization on their own as well.  Your corporate giving program can then have exponential impact on our community.
  5. Employee Benefit that Benefits the Community Too. A company with a well-organized corporate giving program can promote their program as an employee benefit for all of the reasons stated above.  The best part is that your corporate giving program is one that benefits not only your employees but also the community too.  Besides, as one of our donors said recently, giving is just fun!

Ready to jumpstart your company’s culture of giving? Contact Cheri Wilson on our team at, and she would be happy to help.