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Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail

Guest Blog by Anya Harden, Philanthropy Intern As a Gen Z college student it often feels like I have all the time in the world. Classes, semesters, and club meetings all seem to last forever and with childhood in such recent memory, the pragmatic approach of planning for retirement and life post-career seems nonsensical, especially…

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Astronomical Impact of Generosity

GUEST BLOG BY ANYA HARDEN, PHILANTHROPY INTERN As a child, my family made an annual pilgrimage from southern Mississippi to Huntsville, Alabama to attend camp meetings on the campus of Oakwood University, the institution that I now attend. During stretches of time in which the meeting failed to keep my siblings and I occupied, my…

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Live Every Day as a Hero

By Wayne Olson What would it be like to live every day knowing you are a hero? Not just one day or a day every once in a while, but every day? What if you could live every day knowing that no matter what happened, you will have done something good? It’s easier than you think. You…

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