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Category: Donor Advised Fund

Jack and Jean Lee Family Trust

The Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville helps donors be generous, however that looks to them. By helping donors leverage the strategic impact of their generosity, they are able to create lasting positive change in the lives of individuals and families in the Huntsville area. In June 2023, Jack and Jean Lee Family Trust granted $50,000…

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Get-A-Way Skatepark

The Greater Huntsville area is growing quickly as more and more people come to recognize all of the great things happening in our community. With this growth comes opportunity. This opportunity creating a chance for one local donor to remake history. The Community Foundation mobilizes generosity to improve quality of life in the eight quality…

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Hank Isenberg

Hank Isenberg’s philanthropic journey is deeply rooted in the Biblical verse, “To whom much is given, much is expected.” Having received immense blessings from the community he calls home, including medical care from the team at Huntsville Hospital during his heart surgery, he feels a strong responsibility to give back in kind. Hank’s charitable efforts…

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Jay and Hilde Dryden

Generosity is a catalyst for transforming communities and leaving behind a meaningful legacy. Jay and Hilde Dryden exemplify the power of generosity in creating a lasting legacy. The Dryden family understands that a true legacy encompasses more than just leaving money to their family. It involves leading by example, transferring values to those around them,…

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