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Category: Corporate

Jay and Hilde Dryden

Generosity is a catalyst for transforming communities and leaving behind a meaningful legacy. Jay and Hilde Dryden exemplify the power of generosity in creating a lasting legacy. The Dryden family understands that a true legacy encompasses more than just leaving money to their family. It involves leading by example, transferring values to those around them,…

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Sameer Singhal

Sameer Singhal was witness to the beginning of CFD Research as it was launched by his parents Ashok and Sangeeta Singhal in 1987 in the basement of their Huntsville home. Now the company CEO and President, he and his brother originally made the first business sign for CFD Research Corporation using a dot matrix printer…

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Corporate Generosity: Avion Solutions

Avion Solutions – which was founded by Gary Donald and his partners over 30 years ago – has always had a corporate culture of generosity.  Gary made it a priority to create a family-like, collaborative workplace; one where employees genuinely cared for and took care of one another.  That spirit of generosity and collaboration naturally…

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