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Category: CEO

A Giving Tuesday Reminder

As the CEO and President of the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville, I have the privilege of having a front row seat to witness our community’s generosity. One of the ways we mobilize generosity here at the Community Foundation is by facilitating the Corporate Giving Network.  This group is a professional network of business associates…

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Pen Your Legacy

We all desire to leave our mark on the world. At the Community Foundation, we have the unique privilege of helping donors become the author of their unique legacies. When people think of legacy planning, often they initially think in terms of assets that they will pass along to their children and grandchildren. However, when…

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A Thousand Little Things

“The love affair between people and their places is one of the strongest bonds that can exist,” writes Peter Kageyama, in his book For the Love of Cities. Here are three reasons why we all want a community that feels like home. It’s rarely just the big landmarks that cause someone to fall in love…

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