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Catalyst Endowment Grants To Singing River Trail

The Community Foundation will grant funds from the Catalyst Endowment to support the Singing River Trail project. This iniative meets several of key objectives for Catalyst funded projects including: 

  • It qualifies as highly-collaborative venture involving public/private partnerships with multiple investors and contributors.
  • It is a high-impact, regional program that will affect and connect many different communities across the greater Huntsville area.
  • It will have a measurable and significant impact on the Quality of Life in the region.

The Singing River Trail in North Alabama will connect communities in three counties and serve as an approximately 70-mile trail spine linking to other trail systems throughout the region. The trail will provide active-living opportunities for residents, spur further economic development for the region, and serve as an active transportation corridor providing a safe connection for local travel.

The vision for the Singing River Trail combined the Launch 2035 Initiative and efforts from North Alabamians who care about the region’s future. Project branding, an economic impact analysis, and the master plan were funded by over 30 separate entities. For more about the Singing River Trail, visit: