Corporate Giving Funds

Simple and Strategic

The Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville can help you maximize your company’s investment in our community and strengthen employee engagement with Corporate Giving Funds. Many companies create a custom Corporate Giving program designed to reflect your company’s values and provide a comprehensive suite of services, including charitable giving expertise, grantmaking guidance and administrative support, to simplify and enhance your corporate philanthropy.

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Fifty-four percent of employees who are proud of their company’s contributions to the community report being more engaged in the workplace.

Seventy-seven percent of employees prefer to work where philanthropy programs allow them to feel more connected to their communities.

Sources: Double the Donation, Deloitte

A Corporate Giving Fund is typically less costly and less time-consuming to administer than other forms of gift administration, such as setting up your own 501(c)(3) organization, but it still allows you to establish a charitable legacy in the name of your business and to fulfill multiple charitable interests.

Working through the Community Foundation, your gift can be combined with others to increase the impact in areas you care about most, it qualifies you for maximum tax advantage under federal law, and allows you to take advantage of the expertise of professional program staff and investment managers.

There are four levels of service that the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville can provide for corporations with giving funds we manage.

How it Works for a Basic Employee Giving Fund

Corporate Giving Network

The Corporate Giving Network is a professional network of business associates who engage in corporate philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, and/or community relations. The Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville facilitates this effort with the purpose of growing generosity in our region by inspiring and supporting corporations with their generosity strategies. Corporate Giving Network meetings are held quarterly on the third Thursday of the month.
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“After spending 17 years in nonprofit management, I can tell you that the Community Foundation’s Corporate Giving Network is the secret sauce for corporate giving. Transforming company culture? Best practices? Collaborative outreach? CGN has the secret sauce.”

– Erin Bloxham Curtis​

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Corporate Giving Network

Members of the Corporate Giving Network are able to display a CGN Membership Seal as a sign of their commitment to corporate philanthropy and creating a better place for all of us who live and work here.

If it is necessary to resize our seal, please resize keeping the dimensions proportionately Right-click and “Save As” the seal.