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Advantages of a Community Foundation

Community foundations provide philanthropic services for donors who prioritize local impact. While commercial banks and private foundations are capable of managing the compliance and basic functionality of many charitable funds, many donors and their families choose to partner with the Community Foundation to fulfill their charitable goals, receive flexible donor services, and invest back into their community.

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Some people with a heart for generosity make charitable donations through commercial financial services companies. Often, these donations go to national charities that are operated by for-profit corporations that have very little impact on this community. Any fees for services provided support the shareholders of the company.

Instead of shareholders, the Community Foundation supports our stakeholders in the Greater Huntsville area – residents of Jackson, Limestone, Madison, Marshall, and Morgan Counties in North Alabama – to build a better life and a better community here at home. Our fund fees are reinvested back into the Greater Huntsville community through programmatic work, staff support, and grantmaking. This is a key differentiator from a private foundation or a commercial gift fund where fees benefit stakeholders.

Community Foundation

Private Foundation

Commercial Gift Fund

Startup costs

Grant anonymously

Annual taxes

Annual 5% payout required

Maximum tax benefits

Grant and admin services

Form 990 required

Community knowledge

Fees re-invested into community

Network with local donors

Philanthropic advisors

Donor owns brand

Your philanthropy is personal, and our experienced staff is here to help you navigate the technical complexities of charitable giving to simplify your generosity and to give confidently.